Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Meet My Co-Officiant: Steven Ross!

I had no idea, when I performed my first few weddings in 2006, just where this officiating path would lead me. Back then, I took wedding requests as they came, didn't advertise much, and really just performed ceremonies as a small side business. Then in 2010, a very fun writing job I had went away. I realized then that I could try to chase down more work writing for others, or I could expand my officiating work and make it my main focus.

The decision didn't take long. At that point, I was already getting far more requests than I had in 2006. Performing weddings makes me so happy in a way that cranking out advertising copy for marketing firms never did. So I started advertising more, and by then I was getting lots of word-of-mouth references, and before you know it, officiating became my full time work.


I mean, I really, really love it. I have so much fun, I get a great energy buzz from all the happiness, and it's so nice to show up for work knowing that everyone is going to be happy to see me. Plus it's an honor to say the magic words that mark such a wonderful milestone.

Well somewhere along the way, I started to get so many requests, I just could not keep up. I passed along leads to some great officiants I know. And then one day, I was at a yoga class at Eastside Yoga, when Steven Ross, co-owner and teacher at the studio, mentioned he had been asked to perform a wedding. I told him I'd be glad to help him in any way I could. This, in turn, led to a wonderful friendship and-- no surprise-- also led to Steven realizing that, like me, he just LOVES performing weddings.

What can I tell you about Steven? He is a gentle soul with a dry wit and, bonus points, he comes fully equipped with a lovely Scottish accent. He and his wonderful wife Elsa (also a co-owner of Eastside Yoga) had a wonderful wedding ceremony that incorporated mixed traditions, so he knows firsthand about customizing weddings.

Steven's got his own wedding web page describing his services, and you can see other pictures there and read testimonials, too. I am so delighted to be working with him, and to be able to recommend him. How fortunate I am to have been able to grow my business so abundantly over the years. And how fortunate, too, that Steven is on board to help with all the requests.

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