Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer Wedding Season-- Slow and Lovely and Sweet

Summer is always my slow season. The reason is pretty obvious-- not everyone is a fan of getting married when it's 100+ degrees out. However there are exceptions and I've had the great honor and pleasure of performing a decent number of ceremonies in the past couple of months. Some folks go the indoor route, opting for the wonderful climate control A/C offers. Others say the heck with it, we'll sweat and it'll be fun.

There are pluses to summer weddings-- you can often get vendor discounts. Also, you get your pick of vendors usually. April and October-- not so much. It can be pretty cutthroat and pricey to get the cream of the crop during those super busy months. That said, let me use this as a reminder-- you know sometimes you score big with a newcomer to the wedding business, whether it's for a venue, photographer, baker or, yes, officiant. I've trained several officiants this year and their rates are less than mine while they get their footing.

So consider shopping around, checking out new folks, seeing what they have to offer. And consider a summer wedding. Sure, it sounds crazy, but maybe it'll prove to be the perfect time for your ceremony.

Some pics from the summer:

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Hey! I'm in Austin Monthly!

Hey Y'all,
There's an article about me and Custom Hitches Weddings in the current issue of Austin Monthly. I hope you'll check it out!